Friday, October 8, 2010

Spanish neck headstock construction.....

The 'uke headstock of this neck will have a 15 degree angle. (note: Traditionally classical guitars have a headstock angle of around 13 degrees. Since the tuners of this 'uke will protrude through the top inside of through the middle like a classical guitar, the 15 degree angle will compensate for the extra distance created by placing tuners from the bottom through to the top, creating a 13 degree angle.)

A 15 degree jig is used to ensure an acurate angle for this presice cut.

After the neck angel is cut, the pieces that were cut need to be sanded to ensure they are square and flat.
Dry fit the two pieces together before gluing. Clamp down to a flat surface so it doesn't slide around when gluing the pieces togther. (note: newspaper is placed under the pieces being glued so the glue squeeze out doesn't make the 'uke one with the work surface.)

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