Monday, June 2, 2014

Kerfing/Tentalones for Tenor Guitar

Kerf Linings aka: "kerfing" vs Tentalones

The use of words kerfing and tentalones are commonly used interchangeably when in fact they are technically different that serve the same purpose.

Kerf linings have a thin strip that connects the thicker material used to reinforce the side-top attachment.

Tentalones are individual pieces of material glued to reinforce the sides to the sound board.

I am use the term tentalones since I purchased them from Hana Lima 'Ia, but technically, they are kerf linings, aka: kerfing. Once I meet a few more builders, I'll figure out the preferred nomenclature.

Back to the build.........

I pull all the spool clamps off and notice that a section of the left side did not glue securely......
To progress forward, I sanding underneath the section that wasn't glued, then re-glued and clamped.

At the same time, I measured and added my tentalones/kerfing.
Here is a picture of both tenor guitars in their different states of development.

One has the kerfing clamped in and the second has the top attached to the neck and sides bent.

Next up............I will add the top kerfing, then proceed to "box up" this build by attachig the back to the sides......

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