Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tenor Guitar - Bending the sides

 Here I am prepping the side by pre-cutting to my final dimensions, at the head is 3" and the tail is 3-3/4". Also note the waist line about 9-1/4" from the head. Total length is about 23-1/2"
Using a taper jig on a table saw with auxiliary tabletop.
Here is the finished side molding jig with all-thread and star knobs.
Before the bending starts, I layout all my materials and open the side molding jig so I don't have to rush when I transfer the bent side from one jig to the next.

1) Side Bending Jig
2) Side Molding Jig
3) Heat Blanket
4) Water Bottle
5) Clamps

1) Plug in the heat blanket. (wait 5 minutes or so)
2) Spray some water on the blanket to see if it starts to steam.
3) Spray water on both front and back of the side piece you about to bend, then line up waist line to the middle of the waist on the side bending jig.
4) Sandwich the second mesh piece on top of the side piece and the heat blanket on the jig.
5) Turn the waist clamps down slowly.....
6) Once the waist is all the way down, bend the tail end, then head.
*** This is a fickle process that I do not rush or force the side to bend too quickly. The worst sound you can hear is cracking......
 7) Once all the clamps are secured, turn off the heat blanket and wait about 5-10 minutes.

8) Release the clamps and transfer to the side molding jig.
9) Cut the side to the center line on the side molding jig.

Repeat process for the other side.........

 Once both sides are bent and cut and in the jig, secure with clamps....

Next up..... The Neck...............

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