Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tenor Guitar Side Molding Jig

Here is my attempt to recreate a side mold jig I  used for 'ukulele construction and scaled to a tenor guitar size.

Draw template outline and glue end blocks.
 Rough out a few 2x4's and lay across pattern to transfer the outline to the blocks. Mark the bottom where the line touches the block, then use a square and draw a line up the side. Lay your template where the lines meet at the top of the block.
 Cut along the line you just transferred with your template and you should have something that looks like the next picture...
 Once this cut is roughed out, clean up with a file and rasp so you have 90° edges.
Next step is to add some all thread, washers and nuts to act as spreaders that clamp and expand the sides.

After this is down, I'll work on the side bending mold.....

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