Friday, May 23, 2014

Tenor Guitar and 'Ukulele Necks

I built 2 tenor guitar necks with the same process as I use for tenor 'ukuleles that have a Spanish Heel joint to the body.

This is not a typical construction method that I have found online, so I am kinda hoping for the best. The tenor guitar necks will also have a one-way truss rod installed for future neck adjustments.

*** Note about neck joints....... on steel string instruments, the most common neck joint to the body would be either a dovetail, mortise and tenon or bolt-on attachment.

The Spanish heel joint is commonly found on classical guitars with nylon strings, hence, my "hoping for the best" result.

I chose this method because this is the only method I have used in the past....  The third tenor guitar I build will have a dovetail joint.
 First, I cut my stock into the following pieces;
1) Main neck
2) 2 Heel blocks that measure in hieght-3"
3) Tail block
4) 2 ears for the headstock

Using a neck scarf joint jig, I cut the main neck block at a 15° angle.
 Making sure the joint is tight I sanded the scarf joint flat.
Glued the scarf joint then the heels blocks together.

Here are the three rough shaped necks side by side.

From top to bottom
1) Philippine Mahogany
2) African Mahogany
3) African Mahogany

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