Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tenor Guitar Side Bending Jig

 This tenor guitar side bending jig is modeled after the Fox Universal Side Bender knock off I use to bend 'ukuleles side.

First, transfer half the template pattern to 3 sheets of plywood and cut out the pattern outside the line. Then dram a second line underneath, about the thickness of your intended sides.

I stacked them all together, then used a rasp and files to fine tune to the second line under the main template line

Next, glue all pieces together with 2x4's spaced a little over the width of the heat blanket. The heating blanket can be purchased from Hana Lima or Luthiers Merchantile International

I cut out a wire mesh to wrapped around the top with finishing nails.
A second, mesh is used to sandwich the heat blanket and the sides together. The eye and hook bolts are used for clamping.
This board is cut into 3 pieces for the waist, front and back clamps.
Assembled looks like this.....
Added a few star knobs to make the clamping a little smoother.

Also, want to point out the stick at the bottom is used for clamping this jig to my work surface.

Next up, we bend........

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